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I am seeking the support of my neighbors in Greatwood, Tara, Canyon Gate, Bridlewood Estates, Brazos Lakes and Brazos Gardens to widen Crabb River Road and FM 762 as it passes by the new high school. The project is more fully described below:

FM 2759 (Crabb River Road) will be widened from and existing 3-lane open ditch to a 4-lane divided curb and gutter from US 59 continuing 3.4 miles through the intersection of FM 762 terminating 500 feet south of the new LCISD high school/middle school site and secondary school complex. This continuous 4-lane facility will pass through the city limits of Rosenberg and the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the City of Sugar Land and the City of Thompsons.

The project includes these additional improvements:

· Constructing a four-lane depressed section of through lanes, including on/off ramps along FM 2759 at Sansbury Blvd (Sansbury will remain at-grade) and
· Constructing a grade separation at FM 2759 and FM 762 over the BNSF Railroad with turning lanes.

I know each of you is already aware of the traffic backup on Crabb River Road and of the severe traffic problem that will be created along FM 762 when the George Ranch High School complex opens next year. I believe this project will solve both of these issues as well as afford additional safety to the traveling public by eliminating the at-grade crossing of the BNSF line.

The County seeks funding for this project under a new competitive federal grant called a TIGER Grant. I have already requested a STIP revision. in accordance with HGAC’s guidelines under the TIGER Grant Program, A draft Environmental Assessment will be submitted to TxDOT for review and forwarded to FHWA in January 2010. I anticipate receiving a FONSI by May 2011. If approved, I believe construction will be completed by December 2012 at a total project cost between $70 and $80 million.

Because Fort Bend County will be competing with 1000’s of applications from around the United States, I am trying to make our application as appealing as possible by funding 20% or $14 to $16 million of the project cost. We have a commitment from TxDOT to use a $7 million credit from the previous work completed at US 59 overpass at SH 99 for utilities and right of way costs associated with this project. Sugar Land and Rosenberg have also indicated a willingness to help fund this project. I have requested a donation from the George Foundation of the right of way required for the southern portion of the project along FM 762. All in all, I think we are well on our way to sewing up our 20% share.

One of the requirements of the TIGER Grant application is to submit as many resolutions and letters of support from local and state governments, as well as non-profits, community organizations and individuals as possible. I have received the support of the local state offices of TxDOT, as well as the City of Sugar Land and the City of Thompsons. I am requesting your support. This item will be placed on the August 25, 2009 Agenda of Commissioner’s Court. Please show up at the Travis Building (301 Jackson St., 7th Floor, Richmond, Texas) at 12:45 pm to sign up and speak on its behalf or call Judge Hebert’s Office at 281-341-8634 and let him know you support this project.
I made this project a priority in my election campaign and I once again ask your support to make it a reality. I eagerly await your support, and appreciate your consideration of this request.

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  1. Thanks Richard, obviously you have spent a lot of time and energy on this and it's a great plan,you have my support. Thank you. Paul Turner

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  3. Normally Richard I have supported you on a number of projects and see this one as a worthy upgrade to that roadway as long as it remains a "free road" that is friendly to the homeowners in the community, but please remember that all actions are related to a larger set of issues and problems. The rezoning hearings going on in LCISD are critical to the survival of many older neighborhoods that are "upstream" from the new high school. From all the plans I've witnessed it looks like the only subdivisions getting preferential treatment are those that are zoned to the new high school and the immediate area (including future planned subdivisions of well connected developers). If you look at the plans and communities in the other zoned areas they are getting hit with a much larger lower SES grouping than the new HS for the current and "yet to be built" neighborhoods in that vicinity.

    That being said, it is essential that the lower SES groupings NOT BE relegated to a handful of just older neighborhoods. George Ranch HS must carry its fair share of the load or I and my neighbors can not support this road improvement project which now only seems to benefit a small number in the area mentioned.

    If you haven't driven the "upstream" subdivisions lately, then you really should. The foresale signs and lease signs are out in force next to the LCISD zoning signs. Don't just cater to the special interest developers and the George Ranch board types on this. Consider the entire community in a holistic fashion. If you want more support on the road improvement then go review the "weighted" zoning plans for LCISD and ask their board why the new high school is not carrying its fair share of the lower SES burden, which will hurt our home and property values in the older more established communities "upstream" us out and we will support the road project, but PLEASE consider the entire communities needs and not just the special interests. GRHS must carry it's fair share!!!! Consider attending one of their BOT meetings and speaking to this very important issue for many, many communities.

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  5. Anon, I appreciate your support in the past. I am sorry, but I don't quite follow your upstream subdivision meaning. If you would be more specific. The project calls for the widening of Crabb River Road and fm 762 from the BNSF line to 500 feet south of the new high school. It will benefit all users, whether they come from north of 59 to the high school or if they are coming from the south of the high shcool from Brazos Lakes.

    I will review the zoning plans for LCISD and attend one of their meetings, but this project will solve a transportation difficulty on Crabb River Road and FM 762 no matter the zoning outcome.

    Thanks for your comment.

  6. My advice is not to view it as "just a road project" and tie the issue to the currently unpopular zoning plans in LCISD. GRHS should carry its share of the lower SES burden so that no other communities are left holding the bag, regardless of which developers/builders benefit from the road improvements. I know you are an intelligent person and very capable of understanding how these issues relate to the bigger picture.-Thanks!

  7. Richard,

    My update reveals "Great News"! "Absolutely, The City of Sugar Land supports this Tiger Grant!" as it relates to the supply of federal monies, as well as to the specifics of the proposed expansion aspects as you are presenting. It is crucial to note; however, the Grand Parkway "C" may or may not actually remain tolled. My investigations continue...

  8. Of course they will eventually toll it. It's the modern way to double tax the public.

  9. Did the county ever reach the 10% targeted cuts for non-personnel areas of the budget? And whatever happened to the plan to get the commissioners to sign-off on an ethics ordinance to promise to recuse themselves when voting on projects for vendors that contribute to their CFRs or make "other" gifts to them (or if they benefit a business they may be directly or indirectly involved with)?

  10. Resolution passed. Now to DC to get support there.

  11. Looking at the blue lines on the map above, it is safe to say that the proposal includes turns or stub outs for connecting to the future Grand Parkway Toll road?

  12. My question may have been deleted in error, so i will ask again. Does the proposed road include the extensions shown in blue on your picture that appear to be part of the futrue grand park way? Please confirm yes or no?

  13. That's nice Richard. Enjoy your victory. You just lost anther supporter. Why is it you guys sell out so fast?

    ".....The last county commissioner who I haven’t yet covered is newly elected Precinct 1 Commissioner Richard Morrison.
    Morrison was late turning in his report. It was due July 15, but he didn’t turn it in until July 28. I called him and left a message that I was heading to the courthouse and if he hurried he could beat me. Well, it didn’t scare him. He didn’t turn his report in for two more weeks.
    Since this is his first report since his election, I couldn’t tell just a whole lot about how he is going to treat this whole business of campaign finance.
    He’s already gotten on the vendor contribution list (doesn’t take long) with contributions like Andrews Kurth for $1,000, TREPAC (real estate) for $1,000, Jim Gonzales for $2,500, and Perdue Brandan, et al for $1,000, and James Dennabaum for $1,500 are among a few he has received.
    He didn’t spend much, paying himself back for a loan and a few contributions and campaign expenses. He reported $15,000 contributions, $10,000 expenses, and $6,682 left over. He also reported that he still has a loan of $2346."

    Thanks for nothing again! I'll make sure our neighbors know all this.

  14. The current map is an outdated map. On the new map the alignment will remain along FM 762. There will be no "turns" or "stubouts" connecting the GP.

  15. It does take an awful lot of money to run a campaign. I don't apologize for raising money from county vendors. Until or unless I can get ethics reformed passed at Commissioner's Court, I will have to raise money like every other candidate or office holder.

  16. Then push harder on the reform ordinance regarding recusal for potential conflicts. We expected it from Hebert and Prestage, but not you.

  17. all of river park and river park west should be included because i take my child to school and its very frustrating to get there let terry take our place we want our kids to have the best