Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Barbar Jordan Park in Needville

The County has leased the Barbara Jordan Park in Needville for 4 years at a cost of $1/year. We have been negotiating with the park for a few months now and are happy to have finally reached a deal. I think this park is one of the best in the County.


  1. "Campaign finance.....The last county commissioner who I haven’t yet covered is newly elected Precinct 1 Commissioner Richard Morrison.
    Morrison was late turning in his report. It was due July 15, but he didn’t turn it in until July 28. I called him and left a message that I was heading to the courthouse and if he hurried he could beat me. Well, it didn’t scare him. He didn’t turn his report in for two more weeks.
    Since this is his first report since his election, I couldn’t tell just a whole lot about how he is going to treat this whole business of campaign finance.
    He’s already gotten on the vendor contribution list (doesn’t take long) with contributions like Andrews Kurth for $1,000, TREPAC (real estate) for $1,000, Jim Gonzales for $2,500, and Perdue Brandan, et al for $1,000, and James Dennabaum for $1,500 are among a few he has received.
    He didn’t spend much, paying himself back for a loan and a few contributions and campaign expenses. He reported $15,000 contributions, $10,000 expenses, and $6,682 left over. He also reported that he still has a loan of $2346. We’ll compare next report."

    I guess it was too much to hope that you were any different.

  2. Not Morrison too?